How we do!


How do we help you achieve success?

Our assessment is an analytical process that evaluates key fundamentals of the operation.

The typical process is a week or less and uses in-depth perspectives from all corners of the business.

You will receive a report summarizing progressive recommendations as the consultant will work with the management team to develop the priorities and set the process for implementation.

You receive support all the way through the end of implementation, we succeed together.

Expert Partners Agree

“We have been with EKIM for over 2 years. EKIM has always been very responsive to all requests, eager to learn our processes and standards, and give us direction where we need it. There isn’t an aspect of engineering, manufacturing or design spaces where they can’t help. We will continue to use EKIM to help us become more efficient, take on more challenging projects and ultimately grow our business.”

Anthony S., COO

“EKIM Manufacturing has provided intelligent solutions to every problem we’ve thrown at them.”

John J., Manufacturing Manager

“I’ve had a vision for my company that started 15 years ago, when I tried implementing my first ERP system. We’ve performed a successful, 12-month, intensive, business overhaul with EKIM by our side every step of the way.”

Matthew G., Owner

“Doing business with EKIM has been a life changing experience for our company. EKIM has guided our company in the right direction with extensive knowledge in the Proshop DME software. When it comes to design and engineering the team devotes the time required to construct the best solution for your project including the most complex. I can’t recommend them enough! Thank you EKIM!”

Clarissa S., HR Manager